Walk-and-talk property inspections from Frontline Property Inspections

Investor Walk-and-Talk Inspections

The Walk-and-Talk service is best used when time is of the essence if you are wanting to know the general condition of the property. These appointments are usually able to be scheduled with short notice. This entails a thorough walkthrough with the investor/buyer — either in person or virtually.

During this time, we can inspect the condition of the property and review all major systems, interior, and exterior finishes. You will receive a verbal explanation as to the condition of the home and any deficiencies found during the walkthrough, with an explanation as to their long- and short-term implications. You will not receive a formal report with a walk-and-talk inspection. However, you will gain the pertinent information that you will need to make critical decisions as it relates to possible negotiations or your investment as a whole. After we complete our walkthrough, within 24 hours, you will receive a formal email with the pertinent information to help substantiate any specific findings requested. This is usually helpful when negotiating or if there are specific details that need to be retained.

This type of inspection is also ideal for a buyer that has contractually waived their inspection contingencies. Usually, the buyer is still able to perform an inspection and retains the option to terminate during the predetermined timeline available in the contract. This is usually a “pass or fail” situation.

Another situation where a walk-and-talk inspection is appropriate would be if an investor/buyer or owner is concerned about an issue with a property and would like to verify the status and find out the extent of the damage. In this situation you will receive an evaluation that will help you put together a plan of action to address any potential issues. This service typically comes with contractor referrals, if available.

Investment property inspections from Frontline Property Inspections

Investment Property Inspections

This service is perfect for an investor or buyer that might be out of state and in need of someone with contracting experience to help determine the level of investment that is necessary to make the property rent or market ready. This service is also suited for an investor or buyer that might be entering a new market and is looking for help determining the level of renovation that is needed based on the location and purpose the property is being purchased for.

Evaluations consist of a full review of the property and its systems. I perform a complete property inspection. You will receive an overview of any observations. All observed deficiencies will be organized based on priority. You also receive a written estimate and scope of work for the desired renovation at the level we discuss. This process is founded on over 20 years of field, construction, managerial, and estimating experience. The specific evaluation for each trade takes into consideration local pricing and the vendor buyout process of hiring local contractors. This means that I am using current market experience and data to establish accurate evaluations. Evaluations that are reliable. My market experience ensures that the cost analysis as it relates to your specific property is as accurate as possible.

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